What is Mic-Mutes

  • Mic-Mutes is a patented system that when added to the Honda Gold Wing,Yamaha Royal Star Venture,or J&M's handlebar JMCB-2003-DU on any bike, improves it's intercom by adding control to remove the dreaded background wind and road noises between intercom conversations.
  • Mic-Mutes gives both the Rider and Passenger (ON-OFF) or (OFF-ON) toggle control of both  microphones!
  • Mic-Mutes is not a VOX and does not change a Gold Wing's stereo headset muting feature.  In fact, it improves the stereo by eliminating the un-controlled muting of music that occurs when background noise is picked up by your microphones.
  • Mic-Mutes is an electronic system that measures timing of activation of either the rider's or passenger's CB radio transmit switches.  When either CB transmit switch is momentarily  operated for less then .5 seconds and released, it causes Mic-Mutes to toggle both microphones (ON to OFF) or (OFF to ON) for the intercom.  Note that for the GL1800 Gold Wing,  Mic-Mutes will work without the CB radio option installed. 
  • The CB radio does not even need to be turned ON for Mic-Mutes to provide this control for intercom use. But with the CB OFF, the intercom can be used in a Push-to-Talk (instead of toggle) mode. 
  • Mic-Mutes does not change the CB's operation because the mics are ALWAYS ON when holding the CB radio transmit switch.
  • Mic-Mutes is designed for easy plug in installation on most bikes to take advantage of the original wiring harness, connectors and CB transmit switches. It normally does not require any switches to be added or any wires to cut or splice.

1 Year Warranty